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Innovative Solutions Provider
for OEMs



Dintec is a family owned company created in 2009 and built on 35 years of experience.
Dintec’s mission is to offer mobile machines manufacturers personalized solutions.
We use complementary skills and know-hows to carry out innovative projects that combine advanced technology and off-road machine expertise.

Machine performances, energy efficiency, reliability, safety and cost optimization are our objectives while developing solutions meeting your needs.

We assist OEMs all along the lifecycle of their machine, from design to aftermarket, in a strong collaborative industrial partnership. From the intial design phase, we have in mind and take into account the constaints related to performance, engine emmissions legislation changes, assembly time optimisation, logistics, ease of maintenance,...

We also train our customers to new technologies either on site or in our dedicated Training Center.

Internationally oriented, we follow your development abroad and provide support for your implementations in Europe, Africa and Middle-East.